Jinneng Clean Energy Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shouyang County Yangtouya 50MW Wind Power Project Survey and Design Tender Notice

Jinneng Clean Energy Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shouyang County Yangtouya 50MW Wind Power Project Survey and Design Tender Notice

1. Project Overview

1.1 Project Name: Jinneng Clean Energy Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shouyang County Yangtouya 50MW Wind Power Project Survey and Design Bidding

1.2 The tender number: NX16-FW022-QJNY-02

1.3 Source of funds: self-raised funds

1.4 Scope of Bidding: (1) Survey scope: including 1:500 topographic survey work for approach, station road, and booster stations; work related to wind farms such as booster stations, current collectors, and fan foundation foundations. .

(2) Design scope: The preliminary design and construction drawing design of the main engineering and supporting engineering of the wind farm are included. Including not limited to the design, planning and design of wind farms approaching and entering the station; design and construction of booster stations for wind farms; micro site selection of fans; planning and design of collector roads and maintenance roads for wind farms; The company's approved access system solution includes access protection system design, including line protection, integrated automation, metering systems, system communications, data transmission, etc.; and processes related to wind farms, environmental protection, soil and water conservation, fire protection, safety, and sanitation. Energy-saving, lightning protection, seismic, lighting and other engineering design.

(3) Design stage: program design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, compilation of as-built drawings and the corresponding stages of cost determination and cooperation in corresponding stages.

1.5 Design cycle: 90 calendar days after written notification from the owner

1.6 Design Requirements: In compliance with current national engineering design standards

2. Bidder qualification requirements

2.1 At the time of registration, the bidder brings together the following original and a copy of the following (with the company's official seal). The original is returned after on-site inspection and the copy is kept for future reference.

(1) A copy of the ID card of the legal representative, the original and copy of the ID card of the authorized person, and the power of attorney of the legal representative;

(2) With an independent legal personality, a copy of the business license, organization code certificate, and tax registration certificate should be presented; a copy of the three certificates should only be provided with a copy of the business license, and its business license is valid during the validity period and periodically;

(3) Having a quality management system certificate, the certificate shall cover the tender product within the validity period;

(4) Qualifications for Class A and above surveying and designing for mining and recruiting projects in the mining and recruitment industry;

(5) Provide proof of no bribery crime (according to the "Notice of Inquiring Results of Bribery Crime Files" issued by the procuratorial organs);

(6) It is required to provide the performance of the survey and design of three 48MW wind farms in the past three years (the first three years from the date of the “Announcement of this Announcement”) (provision of the contract or the bid-winning notice);

(7) The person in charge of the project must assume the establishment of three or more similar projects and must attach a contract or letter of appointment;

(8) Other qualification documents that the bidder considers beneficial to this tender;

2.2 This consortium does not accept consortium bids and agency bids.

3. Acquisition of tender documents

3.1 The bidders are requested to purchase the tender documents from November 16 to November 25, 2016 (excluding official holidays) from 8 am to 12 pm and from 13 pm to 17 pm (Beijing time, the same below).

3.2 The bidding document is priced at RMB 500 and will not be refunded after sale.

4. Submitting bid documents

4.1 Deadline for submission of tender documents: 09:00 am on December 13, 2016;

4.2 Late submissions or non-delivery of tender documents at designated locations will not be accepted.

Contact: Qian Yong





In order to ensure that you can bid smoothly, please consult the bidding agency or the tenderer for detailed requirements for bidding before bidding or purchasing the bidding documents. The specific requirements and project conditions shall be interpreted by the bidding agency or the tenderee.

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