The difference between current sensor and current transformer

The current sensor can detect AC and DC, measure AC and AC, measure DC and DC, and need external power supply.
The current transformer can only measure AC, and the AC 5A or AC1A when the signal is output does not require an external power supply.
Ordinary current transformers can only measure AC current. If the AC current transformer opens, it will generate high voltage. In severe cases, it will break through the line insulation and cause electric shock to threaten personnel safety. Therefore, when used, the secondary side cannot open the circuit, and when it is removed, it will be opened twice. The side must be shorted.
current sensor
The Hall current sensor can measure both DC and AC currents. When the Hall current sensor is removed, the secondary side does not have to be shorted.
Ordinary current transformers do not require a power supply and can be measured directly. The Hall current sensor needs to be plus or minus 15 volts or a positive or negative 12 volt operating power supply.
Current Transformer
Current transformers typically output AC 5 A or AC 1 A. The Hall current sensor generally outputs a small signal of 50 mA or 100 mA or 5 V, and can also be sent with a variable output of 4-20 mA, which is convenient for automatic control.
Hall current sensors are also superior to current transformers in measurement accuracy. The measured current distortion, multiple harmonics, non-sinusoidal waves, etc., have a great influence on the accuracy of the current transformer measurement results. The effect on the Hall current sensor is relatively small.
In the measurement frequency range, the Hall current sensor is much wider than the current transformer.
In addition, the Hall current sensor has a faster response time than the current transformer.

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