The original innovator may be the rival of the Apple Mac - HP HP EliteBook 820 G1 12.5-inch laptop to experience

As an old notebook player, after embarking on the road to the office, from the pursuit of game performance to the pursuit of light and life, because it is not accustomed to the Mac os system, do not want to buy an Apple installed windows, and ultimately decided to buy a windows book, due to The family has already started a 25W+ running game, so this time the performance is no longer the focus. For the first time to buy digital products for so many years to ignore the performance in the field of business office, digital products have become a business card from the product. The metal shell brings a high forcing, which is the main reason for choosing EliteBook G1 not to choose thinkpadX1.

Part 1: Appearance

EliteBook Folio G1 adopts all-aluminum body design, CNC diamond cutting, corner treatment is more forceful, metal sensation

The EliteBook Folio G1 is 1.24cm thick, 21% thinner than the previous generation, and 0.07mm thinner than Apple's thinnest Macbook's 1.31cm, but it looks no different from the cousin's macbook. It weighs less than 1KG, making it easy to travel. , It is really convenient, then the long truth of the macbook, LOGO for a change of what many people estimate is not clear which is which

Comparing to a dime coin, the thickest part is only 3/4 of a dime coin, and the thinnest part is only 1/2.

12.5-inch 1080P screen, the resolution is not 2K somewhat regrettable, but life does increase, 180 ° expandable alloy shaft design, this feeling is of little use, can be placed flat on the desktop

The EliteBook Folio G1 uses a splash-proof keyboard. The accidental splash of the official promotional glass does not need to be overly stressful, but I really guess that I will still be nervous. Is there a standard IP68 waterproof notebook? Above the keyboard, the skype-certified conference system shortcuts are used. From left to right, the keys are: answer, hang up, calendar agenda, microphone mute, speaker mute, volume decrease, volume increase, etc., and one-touch wifi switch is added. It's more convenient.

Using a fanless design, the metal body + fanless design heat Oh Oh, but I did not dare to choose the i7 series switch to the M series, M series power consumption of 4.5W, do not know that is the Tablet PC CPU.

Part II: Performance

Turn on the computer and deploy an infrared camera directly in front of the Elitep Folio G1, equipped with an innovative face detection lock feature that can be unlocked by scanning facial features. Although safe, it is still not a habit. In terms of battery life, the theoretical battery life is 10 hours, and 90 minutes can rush for 90% of the electricity. Actually, tiyan has used about 65% of the remaining electricity for about 6 hours (office software, no video).

This EliteBook uses the Intel Core M5 processor. The Intel Core M series processor has the advantages of low power consumption, small size, Turbo acceleration, conventional frequency of 1.1GHz, Turbo frequency up to 2.7GHz, office and daily file editing. Basically OK, the power consumption of 4.5W once let me think that it is the CPU of the dull and stereotyped computer, but the value friend does not want to use it to play the game, stuck and attached a CPU-Z test picture

512G Samsung SSD, running at 1029, the actual transmission speed reached 400MB/s or so, medium level, lower than expected, before that can reach 1300 or more.

Master Lu hardware testing, Intel Core M5 processor +8G memory +512G SSD with 12.5 inch Samsung monitor.

Lu also scored a lot to run, not here, although once told himself not to see performance, see Master Lu's score is still


As a business notebook, the HP EliteBook Folio G1 is light and life-saving. The appearance is similar to that of Apple. The interface is only 2 type-c. This time, we chose the 512G SSD. Value, the previous 128G really made me paralyzed, in short, business travel, do not like to use the mac system, this may be a choice, the actual experience to be used I slowly use the first half!

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