LG Ittno LED business blessing Q2 turnaround

[High-tech LED News] South Korea's LG Itnotek (INNOTEK) recently released the company's Q2 sales revenue. According to International Financial Reporting Standards, LG Ittno Q2 sales amounted to 11.3 million won (equivalent to RMB 6 certain 195.6 million), a 6.7% increase in the quarter, an -----

Remote control in the living room - homemade USB comput…

I bought an LCD TV at home, and I was equipped with a laptop next to it. It was really comfortable to sweep the dishes in the sofa, especially in such a winter, but I often changed the dishes, fast forward, and adjust the volume. It was really uncomfortable. Especially when I was forced to operat-----

Tongfang Semiconductor was invited to join the G20-LED …

Recently, Nantong Tongfang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. officially joined the G20-LED Summit member companies at the invitation of the G20-LED Summit Organizing Committee. Nantong Tongfang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tongfang Co., Ltd. It is the same as the development of th-----

Hardware intelligent reset scheme in modern consumer el…

1 Introduction This article refers to the address: http:// With the application of a large number of emerging data services, the power consumption of smartphones and tablets has increased significantly, resulting in a significant reduction in standby time. In order to extend the standby time, t-----

LED electronic rose debut in the streets of Shenzhen

I used to see the roses sold in the street flower shop. Have you seen the roses that can shine in the night? Recently, in the streets of Sha Tau Kok, a new type of LED electronic rose appeared, attracting many young people to compete for purchase. This rose is a plastic imitation. The appearance is-----

Jingdian Changzhou subsidiary Jingpin Optoelectronics i…

[High-tech LED News] Jingpin Optoelectronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., invested and established by Taiwan Jingyuan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. in 2010, has completed the construction of the main plant, and is currently carrying out the first phase of 7 MOCVD equipment commissioning. It was officially pu-----

New hybrid vehicle detection technology

As a new development direction of the automotive industry, Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) has received the attention of the state. Hybrid vehicle technology avoids the shortage of pure electric vehicles in battery technology and energy infrastructure, and has become a hot spot in the research and -----