Industrial robot classification must be known in robot …

First, industrial robots are divided into four types according to the movement of the arm: 1. The right-angled coordinate arm can move along three orthogonal coordinates; 2. The cylindrical coordinate type arm can be used for lifting, turning and telescopic movement; 3. The spheri-----

High-brightness LED package cooling technology

In the past, LEDs can only be used as the status indicator. The heat dissipation of the package has never been a problem. However, in recent years, the brightness and power of LEDs have been actively improved, and they have been used in applications such as backlighting an-----

How to test high power LEDs for lighting?

Device under test High-power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used for illuminated signs, warning lights, decorative lights, and color backlights for mobile phones and laptops. Colors include red, blue, yellow, green, and white. The wavelength ranges from 470 nm in blue t-----

GLII: LED lighting industry market prospects (6) - LED …

[Text|High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII)] For intelligent lighting to subvert the traditional lighting mode, Gaogong LED Industry Research Institute said that the essence of customer demand is lighting itself, which is dominant and will not change for a long time. . The primary task o-----

Qipu Optoelectronics HD LED advertising screen dotted J…

The Jiayu County Cultural and Sports Exhibition Center, which invested 300 million yuan, ended the history of Jiayu without a comprehensive cultural and sports venue. It is understood that Jiayu County Cultural and Sports Exhibition Center has a total land area of ​​180 mu and a total-----

Latest DIN-Rail rail box for BB-Black

Recently discovered a new DIN-Rail rail box for BB-Black, using embedded industrial applications. This rail box is somewhat similar to the box previously used for the Raspberry Pi, which has been widely used in the industrial industry. The BB-Black rail box is designed to be D-----

LED communication is expected to be 10,000 times the ba…

Recently, some lighting experts said at the industry exchange conference that LED visible light communication can be promoted and applied in 2018. Speakers are optimistic about the domestic market prospects of LED. China is the fastest growth of the LED market <br> <br> at the conferen-----