Axis Announces IR-LED Network Camera Is Expected to Be …

Recently, Axis announced the addition of two new members to its AXIS M11 network camera family: AXIS M1143-L and AXIS M1144-L. Two adjustable levers are hidden under the M1143-L and M1144-L top covers to adjust the focus and field of view. The two infrared LEDs (IR-LEDs) integrated have greater ad-----

EMI filtering reduces analog application errors

How does EMI cause large DC offsets? It may be the case that many instrumentation amplifiers can exhibit excellent common-mode rejection in the frequency range up to tens of kilohertz depending on the design. However, when an unshielded amplifier is exposed to tens or hundreds-----

Sharp pushes tablet RW-T110 to support NFC function

Last year, Sharp Corporation launched the Sharp RW-T107, a 7-inch tablet computer. It supports NFC function, can read membership cards, ID cards, layalty cards, etc., and can identify product discounts, providing consumers with new products. payment method. The other day, the company once -----

PPE replaces PVC into the trend of the wire and cable i…

From July 1st this year, the European Union's "Regulations on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment" (RoHS) came into effect. This move will lead the global raw material suppliers to design and produce environmentall-----

Pass Microsoft officially released WP Tango Continental…

March 14 news, sources revealed that Microsoft will officially release the mainland version of Windows Phone Tango system in Beijing on March 21. It is reported that after the release of the mainland version of the Windows Phone Tango system, Nokia will hold a licensed Windows Phone 7 mob-----

DRAM contract price increases 5-10%

Although the DRAM spot market price is around US$1 per gigabit, the DRAM contract price in March has risen by 5%-10%. Sources pointed out that it was expected that the DRAM contract price in March would be much higher than it is now because many investors are concerned that Elpida's w-----

Domestic Nokia launches Lumia 800 pre-sale next month

March 14 news, Nokia CEO Stephen? Elop said in an interview recently, Nokia Lumia series Windows Phone mobile phone will be on the Chinese market on March 28, and there are already Nokia authorized stores began to provide Lumia 800 pre-sale service. It is reported that Lumia 800 pre-sale -----