Will the EU extend the anti-dumping duty period for Chi…

Italy's "24-hour Sun" () reported on January 24 that the world's third-ranked Italian company Targetti lighting equipment company has passed its highest holding in the EU through its holding company in Hangzhou, China. The court appealed to cancel the measures to extend the anti-d-----

Changzhou elevated road lighting design: 3 principles

Light, simple and beautiful, it is a major feature of Changzhou elevated roads that are different from other cities in China. The nighttime lighting design on the elevated road better complements this graceful posture, and the night elevated road lights are added, adding a beautiful scenery to the -----

Cui Huafeng: Office art and light in my eyes

On August 23, 2008, the Light and Shadow Space Office Space and Lighting Design Seminar was held at the Guangzhou Jiayi International Hotel. Designers from all walks of life gathered here to design for office lighting. Aladdin Lighting Network specially invited Cui Huafeng, a well-known indoor desi-----

Academician Shuai Zhigang: Lighting with plastic

Located in the northwest corner of Tsinghua University, He Tianlou is a newly built chemical research center. Professor Shuai Zhigang is working in this building. Not long ago, at the 45th Academician Conference of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences, Shuai Zhigang was elected -----

Delta Electronics Showcases Industry's First High-Q…

Topic: Application of Delta Electronics at the International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA) in Berlin, Germany, to showcase the industry's first high-definition LED home theater DLP projector, working with Texas Instruments and Luminus Device, using PhlatLight LED technology With a resolution -----

Home appliance veteran Konka recovery: marching into th…

Konka Group Co., Ltd., a veteran home appliance company that is deeply involved in the competition, has been attacking for new profit growth points. Today, the hot LED industry has become its new main business. Compared with other color TV giants, Konka chose an alternative: other peers have chose-----

Hongyu Optoelectronics: Doing LED brand needs to look t…

The prospects of LED companies can be said to be bright, because LED Light sources have unparalleled advantages in terms of energy saving, environmental protection and service life, and with the development of technology, LEDs are becoming more and more realistic instead of ordinary lighting. Howev-----