Industrial robot classification must be known in robot technology

First, industrial robots are divided into four types according to the movement of the arm:

1. The right-angled coordinate arm can move along three orthogonal coordinates;

2. The cylindrical coordinate type arm can be used for lifting, turning and telescopic movement;

3. The spherical coordinate type of the arm can be rotated, pitched and telescoped;

4. The articulated arm has multiple rotating joints.

Second, the control function of the industrial robot according to the movement of the actuator can be divided into points and continuous track type.

1. The point type only controls the accurate positioning of the actuator from one point to another, and is suitable for machine loading and unloading, spot welding and general handling, loading and unloading operations;

2, continuous track type can control the actuator to move according to a given trajectory, suitable for continuous welding and painting operations.

Third, the industrial robot is divided into two types: programming input type and teaching input type according to the program input mode:

1. The programming input type is to transfer the programmed program files on the computer to the robot control cabinet through RS232 serial port or Ethernet communication.

2. There are two teaching methods for teaching input type:

One is that the operator uses a manual controller (teaching operation box) to transmit the command signal to the drive system, so that the actuator can be operated in accordance with the required sequence of motions and motion trajectories;

The other is that the operator directly leads the actuator and performs it in the required sequence of actions and motion trajectories. At the same time of the teaching process, the information of the working program is automatically stored in the program memory. When the robot automatically works, the control system detects the corresponding information from the program memory, and transmits the command signal to the driving mechanism, so that the executing mechanism reproduces the teaching. Various actions. The industrial robot that teaches the input program is called a teaching and reproducing industrial robot.

Fourth, intelligent industrial robot

Industrial robots with tactile, force or simple vision can work in more complex environments; if they have recognition functions or further increase adaptive, self-learning functions, they become intelligent industrial robots. It can adapt to the environment according to the "macro" selection or self-programming given by people, and automatically complete more complicated work.

Grow Lights are a great choice for growers who are dealing with hot HPS lights and want to change to something that's going to run cooler. Although Led Grow Lights do produce heat,the smaller models might not bring up the temperature of your grow space.Even the more powerful models of LED Grow Lights that produce a lot of heat still have built-in cooling systems to help prevent the heat from beaming directly down onto your plants.

Yields! With a quality Grow light and an average-to-good grow,you can expect yields of about 0.5g/watt. It depends a lot on strain,and pro growers can yield even more,but that's a good rule of thumb.As an example, a 200W LED (200W true power draw, not an "equivalent" wattage) would yield about 100 grams on average, or 3.5 ounces


 Upgraded Epistar chips,High Lumen,High penetration.
 Zener Diode protection Each LED,one LED Out,other LEDs still work.
 High quality material,Listed Certification Wires,Heatproof Tube,Zero-Risk to catch fire.
 Efficient Full spectrum Special rations of Blue,Red and White for both blooming &fruiting stages.
 Adopting isolated power supply,safe&easy to maintain&long life time.
 Aluminum heat-conducting plate+high quality brand fans,efficient heat dissipation.
 IR LED involved,it is not as bright as other leds,But promote the yield.

 Plug with listed certificate safe to use.

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PAR Value of our 2000W LED Grow Lights

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Our professional full spectrum Grow Light are suitable for all the indoor plants and good for seeding, growth,flowering and fruiting stages of plants, increasing the harvest and Saving energy.  

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1.Do not use the lights in dripping water or anywhere where they will get wet, water and electricity can be a dangerous mixture

2. The working environment for the light is -20~40 degree celsius,45%RH~90%RH.

3. To protect the light, Plz cut off the power when there is a lightning strike.

4. Don`t touch or move when the light working.



1.Clean the dust inside every 6 months to ensure the good heat dissipation and long life time.

2.Don`t keep too short distance to the plant canopy to avert leaves bleaching.

3. Highly hang the lamp will weaken the energy and affect the growth cycle of the plants, so the lamp should not be hang  too high.

4. While taking care of the plants, please spray the leaves and branches 2-3 times everyday, to ensure the plants do not wrinkle a wither, and have no phenomenon of few fruit, and hard pericarp

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Sample will be delivered within 7 working days.

Discounts are offered based on order quanlityes.

MOQ:sample order are acceptable

Delivery ways:DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT, door to door,by sea,by air,etc.

Philizon is a company that makes it possible to produce fresh vegetables:

Where it is too hot or too cold,

Where there is too much or too little sunlight,

We create in a complete closed indoor environment the optimal conditions to grow.

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