Xin Guanglian: Bringing LED epitaxial chips to compete for the 2014 Golden Globe Award

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Yang Jinglin] LED epitaxial wafers, chips and other core devices are the most advanced part of the LED industry, representing an important part of the industry's development level. The development level of its manufacturing technology directly determines the industrial structure and market position of the LED industry. .

Jiangsu Xinguanglian Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinguanglian") participated in the industry's "Oscar" 2014 High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards for three LED epitaxial chips, green G15B chip 20mA, light efficiency 162lm/W The maximum luminous efficiency is 241lm/W; the white light W45A chip is 350mA, the mass production luminous efficiency has exceeded 140lm/W; the high voltage HV45V chip is 20mA 48V, and the luminous efficiency has exceeded 140lm/W.

According to the reporter, the green light chip G15B in the three epitaxial chips solves the problem of low quantum efficiency in the green light epitaxy, and develops the technical problem of low temperature and high In composition doping. High-voltage and white-light chips are developed based on the following four technologies: 1. Epitaxial growth technology of graphics substrate, 2. High-outlet chip structure design technology, 3. AC and DC high-voltage chip design technology, 4, 4μm high-voltage chip etching And insulation filling technology.

The development of the three LED epitaxial chips uses high-reliability reflective electrode technology, ultra-thin low-resistance ITO film technology, and dynamic adjustment of the concealing technology, which makes the three epitaxial chip products have the characteristics of small size, high luminous efficiency and good reliability.

Wu Yongsheng, general manager of Xinguanglian LED Business Unit, told the reporter, "The green light chip produced by our company now has good reliability and high brightness. It is the company's iconic product and the best green light chip in China. In addition, as the first A company that produces high-voltage chips has been supplying domestic well-known packaging companies. The high-voltage low voltage of white light chips is also leading the domestic market, and it is in short supply."

At present, the 2014 (5th) High-tech Golden Globe Award - the annual LED good product selection has entered the WeChat voting stage: August 8 - September 30.

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