Dehumidifiers are so chosen to say goodbye to the rainy days!

The southern part of China is rainy, and residents living in the south often feel the air wet. In order to prevent moisture, many people began to purchase dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity in the room. A dehumidifier is a device that provides treated air directly to a room or area and has a dehumidification function. Then the problem is coming. I want to start a household dehumidifier. How to buy it? Today, Xiaobian will come to talk to you about this topic. Interested partners may wish to understand.

Dehumidifiers are so chosen to say goodbye to the rainy days!

Under normal circumstances, if the dehumidifier is of good quality, its moisture-proof effect is definitely good, its work efficiency and service life are long, and the price will be relatively high. If it is family moisture-proof, choose moderate price and good quality. And a quiet and efficient home dehumidifier is all you need. For the humidity control of the factory enterprise workshop and the moisture and dehumidification of the warehouse, it is necessary to select the industrial dehumidifier with high power, stable performance and precise humidity control to achieve the desired effect. We need to pay attention to the following problems when choosing a household dehumidifier.

First, look at the brand

Due to the imperfection of the domestic dehumidifier market, the production of dehumidifiers is also uneven. Many foreign brands with high reputation have chosen to be manufactured and sold by domestic factories for various reasons. At present, there are many dehumidifier brands on the market, such as Panasonic, Delong, Sharp, Oujing, etc. The dehumidifier products they launched are not bad. When consumers buy, try to choose a big brand, the product is more secure.

Second, look at the applicable area

When consumers purchase dehumidifier products, they generally calculate the capacity of the dehumidifier according to the cooling capacity of 20W per square meter of housing area. Usually, a room of about 10 square meters, can use 250W cooling capacity of all plastic steel dehumidifier, the daily pumping capacity can be about 16 liters. Consumers should consider the actual situation of the space when purchasing, such as the spatial pattern, the degree of openness, the intensity of the sun, the ventilation, the number of people, etc., such as connecting with other places, or the space where the sun shines strongly. Appropriately choose a dehumidifier with a large cooling capacity.

Third, identify the virtual standard

Now many domestic small manufacturers will mislead customers and consumers, and write on the packaging of the dehumidifier (35 degrees Celsius and 90 humidity), which means that the dehumidification amount is large at 35 degrees Celsius and 90 humidity. In this environment, the weather is hot and the humidity is high. Of course, the amount of water pumped will be larger, but this kind of weather is rarely encountered, so writing does not mean how strong the dehumidifier is.

If you see the dehumidifier page marked (30 degrees Celsius, 80 humidity), it is the general humidity back to Nantian and Meiyu. The practical value of the dehumidifier can only be explained by clearly indicating such test conditions.

Fourth, look at the product details

In China, the dehumidifier is still a relatively new environmental appliance, so many people feel that they can't start when they purchase a dehumidifier. In fact, if we buy a dehumidifier at the store, we can first look at the details of its work. Appearance, carefully crafted, design-oriented products, often from the hands of masters, manufacturers, more trustworthy; details, button touch, functional layout, fuselage gap, caster water tank, easy to use, feel comfortable A pleasant product is better to use.

Take the fire box of the dehumidifier for example. Dehumidifier internal circuit fire box is not a mandatory specification, but for OEMs in Japan and South Korea, internal standards have mandatory requirements for fireproof boxes. Most mature foreign dehumidifier brands have fireproof boxes. Design requirements to avoid fire hazards caused by high currents and sparks. There are also evaporators, copper pipes, metal fins used more, the body is naturally heavier. In addition, good compressors, motors, and ABS engineering plastics are also significantly different in weight from low-end products. These are important references for distinguishing the quality of dehumidifiers.

Fifth, listen to noise

What you don't know is that the sound can be very light when the dehumidifier is working. At present, most of the high-end dehumidifier products on the market are designed with water tank dripping water. The water of the dehumidifier mobile phone will slide along the slope to the side of the water tank, and the water will slide down the side of the water tank, naturally there will be no ticking. When the company reduces the noise value of the product when developing the product, it increases the service life of the machine and does not affect sleep.

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