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First, professional home theater audio system use requirements

Electronic equipment should pay attention to the conditions of use of the machine during use. Professional home theater audio system equipment should pay attention to the conditions of use. Generally, the machine's operating conditions and usage requirements are listed in the machine's instruction manual, such as:

1. Ambient temperature: -10 °C - +40 °C

2. Relative humidity: 50% - 80%

3. Power supply voltage: 190V-240V

4. Power frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

5. Avoid using the machine in extremely low or high temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight on the surface of the machine.

6. Avoid using the machine in a humid environment to avoid premature failure of the components inside the machine or premature rusting of the machine.

7. Make sure that the local power supply voltage matches the unit before use.

2. The environment for the use of professional home theater audio equipment

Avoid using the machine in dusty and vibrating environments.

There should be enough clearance around the machine to facilitate heat dissipation from the machine.

For power amplifiers, special care should be taken to keep the heat dissipation path open.

Most of the speakers are made of wood. Pay attention to moisture. Especially for outdoor use, pay attention to the weather changes. Don't be drenched by rain.

Three. Note on the use of professional speaker system

1. In professional home theater audio systems, pay attention to the order of power on and off. When starting up, you should first open the front device such as the sound source, and then turn on the power amplifier; when shutting down, you should turn off the power amplifier first, then turn off the front device such as the sound source. If the audio equipment has a volume knob, it is best to turn the volume knob to the minimum before turning it on and off. The purpose of this is to reduce the impact on the speaker when the phone is turned on or off.

2. Do not pull or plug the signal plug. In order to avoid damage caused by the resulting machine or speaker.

3. When you need to use professional home theater audio equipment, first turn it on correctly according to the requirements. After turning on, play music, and observe whether the indicator light of the power amplifier is working normally. After playing for a while, use your hand to properly touch the amplifier for overheating.

4. If abnormal sound is emitted during the operation of the sound reinforcement equipment, immediately turn off the power and stop using it. And please have qualified qualified maintenance personnel to repair. Do not open the machine without your own authorization, so as to avoid further damage to the machine or electric shock.

4. Pay attention to the maintenance of audio equipment

1. Do not use volatile solvents to clean the machine. For example, use gasoline, alcohol, etc. to wipe the surface of the machine. Use a soft cloth for dusting. Also, unplug the power supply when cleaning the machine casing.

2. The machine is generally not waterproof. If the water is wet, use a dry cloth to dry the water stains. After the water is dry, it can be turned on.

3. Do not place heavy objects on the machine to avoid deformation of the machine.

5. Safe use of machinery and equipment

1. Do not pull the power cord and plug in the power plug to avoid electric shock.

2. When not in use for a long time, unplug the power cord from the power outlet.

3. Do not let metal conductive materials such as iron needles, hairpins, coins, etc. fall into the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

4. When replacing the fuse of the machine, it should be replaced strictly according to the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use substandard substitutes.

5. When the machine is in use, the chassis grounding point should be safely grounded.

6. The machine is strictly prohibited from working under overload or short circuit conditions.

7. Generally, there is an auxiliary power socket on the back panel of the civil power amplifier. Do not connect the electric hair dryer, electric iron and other electrical appliances through it. It can only be used to connect audio equipment.

8. In a constant voltage power amplifier, the output terminal has a higher output voltage, and the output terminal leads are generally longer, so it is necessary to ensure that the output terminal leads are safe and reliable in use.

6. Pay attention to the protection of the power cord of the home theater audio equipment

1. Be careful to avoid the power cord being stepped on and being crushed by heavy objects.

2. Do not pull, insert and twist the power cord.

3. When pulling the plug out of the socket, grasp the plug and pull it out.

Regardless of the quality of the product, the maintenance of the product is very important. Usually take the time to maintain your home theater audio equipment. It is good for it, and the key moments will show the happiness it brings to you, to enjoy the beauty. And avoid accidental losses. More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network http:// (WeChat: cnhifi), the country's most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

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