Does "2K to 4K" fly without 4K source?

Although 4K ultra high definition resolution televisions have become highly popular nowadays, users still face the embarrassing situation that they cannot see any films. Does this mean that 4K resolution is not useful to the user? If you buy a 4K TV, how can you see a better quality program?

I believe that friends who pay attention to TV products will see the related technology of “2K to 4K”, that is, through 2K to 4K technology, it can make the high-definition film source achieve a picture quality effect comparable to 4K resolution. Then this technology is How to achieve it? Let us discuss together.

At present, 2K to 4K on the market are mainly implemented in two ways. A single compensation technique is the easiest and most applied one. This technology is calculated by the image processor on the 4K TV and performs tracking compensation and rendering for the movie being played. In simple terms, four pixels are directly inserted into each original pixel. In this way, the resolution of a 2K film can reach 4K. The movie being played is no longer directly stretched, but is displayed point-to-point. However, this kind of rough interpolation also makes the details of the picture lost, and the overall picture quality is actually very limited.

2K to 4K correlation compensation technology, which performs real-time analysis of 2K signals and divides the entire screen into 2 million intervals. After inserting pixels for the vertical and horizontal four-dimension color operations of adjacent intervals, the inserted pixels are inserted. The color matches the picture displayed around. After converting to 4K resolution, the accuracy of the image has also been greatly improved.

It should be noted that this 2K to 4K technology is only an emergency technology in the absence of 4K sources, and its effect is definitely different from the real 4K film.

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