Micro whale TV voice input can be comparable with Apple Siri high speed and accuracy


Microwhale TV selected a remote controller that can configure voice functions, and directly integrated voice into the TV. Compared with the new Apple TV, it has a higher degree of integration and seamless connection.

Micro whale TV remote control


The new Apple TV's Hulu, Netflix and other services cannot be used in China. Domestically, only certified software can be used. The utility will be greatly reduced, and Siri does not provide any support for these softwares. Therefore, for domestic users, The actual significance is not great.
Micro whale TV remote control

The voice service of Micro Whale TV has been optimized in depth for domestic users' habits. It can not only search, but also control, and even communicate with micro whale TV, and support more third-party software voice input. These will be more helpful to the domestic user experience.

High speed

Microwhale TV's voice service is the voice control solution of HKUST, and as the world's top provider of intelligent voice technology, it only takes 0.5 seconds from collection, upload, cloud server identification, feedback, and time, and the feedback is extremely fast.


In the BMW technology selection for the next-generation mass production model platform, the test results were confirmed by BMW and sent to HKUST and international voice technology provider Nuance. The comparative evaluation results of the authorization release show that: In the natural language understanding assessment, HKUST's identification accuracy rate is higher than Nuance by 16.33%, and the appraisers' evaluation is higher than Nuance by 15.5%. In the cloud + end recognition rate, HKUST scores high Nuance is 8.04% and 1.18%; the effect of TTS is 10.7% higher than Nuance.

Optimization of user-specific services

The content of the voice service of the Micro Whale TV takes into account the needs of the user's use of the scene, especially the setting of programs for the elderly and children in terms of content, which will be more localized than the service of the new Apple TV. It can be said that Siri is a plaything of domestic technology enthusiasts, and the voice service of the Little Whale TV is a voice service that can make the whole family easy to use, useful, and willing to use.

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  •       Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)
  •       Thickness frequency tuning available on request
  •       Wide choice of PZT formulations

Applications include

  •        Sonar transducers
  •        Hydrophones
  •        HIFU medical and industrial
  •        Underwater communications

Dimension range

Diameter          6-160mm                                                                            
Wall thickness             1-10mm

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