Fruit can also provide lighting energy, do you make it?

The DDB advertising company in Paris created the billboard for the juice brand Tropicana, through thousands of sharp copper and zinc sheets, a lot of wiring and three months of testing, they managed to extract enough powerful oranges. Energy, and the use of these energies, illuminate the "natural energy" advertising words on the neon billboards and the pure fruit music LOGO. It's not just an interesting ad, it's also a very cool effort and experiment in science.

Low voltage switchgear is suitable for power plant, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries, as power transmission, distribution and power conversion. The products comply with gb7251.1-2013 low voltage switchgear (IDT iec60439-1 1999). Low voltage switchgear belongs to the products listed in the catalogue of 3C certification compulsory certification products.

Low-Voltage Electrical Switchgear

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