Heliospectra collaborates with the University of Gothenburg to grow grain using LED lighting

Heliospectra has the world's leading intelligent lighting technology for crop cultivation and plant research. The company partnered with the University of Gothenburg biotech companies CropTailor and OlsAro to successfully grow cereals (oats and barley) in a controlled environment ( LED lights are the only light source). The report entitled "Growth and development of grains in a controlled environment ( led lights are the only source of light)" shows the possibility of growing staple foods in a closed environment anywhere in the world.

The purpose of this study was to see how grains grow under different light conditions and emphasize the effects of far red light on crop growth and flowering. The study was conducted in a temperature-controlled growth cabinet at the University of Gothenburg. Heliospectra adjusts the LED lighting system . The LX60 series is used as a light source. The crops grow under two different LED illuminations and monitor their growth cycle. Growth parameters were evaluated in the study: plant structure, development time, flowering time, grain quality and yield.

Growth results of oats and barley under Heliospectra's LED culture lighting system (including far red light range). Left: oats, right: barley.

Daniel Bankestad, research and development engineer at heliospectra AB, said: "Many people don't believe that the two crops of oats and barley can bloom in a closed environment. Given the importance of these two crops, we want to prove that the situation is not what you think. At the same time, we also studied the effects of spectroscopy on crop growth. Our results show that under appropriate light conditions, the two crops can flower and grow well. Even our ongoing research on wheat is promising. ”

Johanna Lethin of the University of Gothenburg said: “Oats and barley grow under the light intensity of Heliospectra LX601C, including far red light. The results show that under this light condition, oats and barley can grow and bloom, and far red light seems to be particularly beneficial for oats. The results of the oatmeal group: the total number of grains per panicle and the seeds per ear are very good, highlighting the potential of the technology, for example, seed yield in a controlled environment."

According to the United Nations, the world population will reach 9.1 billion in 2050, and food production will increase by 70%. More people need more food. The urban population has increased, but there are no more land and water resources that can be exploited.

Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra, said: "The results of this study are inspiring and demonstrate the enormous potential of modern LED lighting . In any part of the world, it is not only the largest staple foods such as oats, barley and wheat in a controlled environment. Limiting the use of water resources will also enable farmers to effectively avoid soil and water pollution."

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