OSTaskSuspend usage and description

OSTaskSuspend() - suspend a task

Description: Call this function to suspend a task, if the priority of the task transferred to OSTaskSuspend() is the task to be suspended or

OS_PRIO_SELF, then this task will be suspended.

Parameters: prio: The priority of the task needs to be suspended. If OS_PRIO_SELF is specified, then this task will hang itself and then happen again.

Secondary scheduling.

Returns: OS_NO_ERR: if the requested task is suspended.

OS_TASK_SUSPEND_IDLE: If you want to suspend an idle task

OS_PRIO_INVALID: I want to suspend the task priority is not reasonable

OS_TASK_SUSPEND_PRIO: The task that needs to be suspended does not exist.

Note: Be very careful when calling, if you want to suspend a task waiting for an event (mail, message, queue), when the event arrives

You will prevent this task from running.

Note: Need to be used in pairs with OSTaskResume() recovery pending tasks

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