Xiaobian ask everyone: Why do we choose home central air conditioning?

[China State Grid original] Home central air conditioning suddenly one day began to enter people's choices. Obviously, ordinary household air conditioners are used well. Why do we have to abandon them and choose a new type of home central air conditioner? This is of course because compared with ordinary household air conditioners, home central air conditioners have irreplaceable advantages.


Save money and save money

In general, the cost of home central air conditioning at the initial installation is higher than that of ordinary split home air conditioners, which is also prohibitive for many people. However, in the long run, the cost of using home central air conditioners is lower than that of ordinary split home air conditioners.

Because the energy efficiency ratio of household central air conditioners is basically higher than that of ordinary household split air conditioners, it is necessary to save electricity for a long time. Power saving is to save money, and users no longer have to worry about turning on air conditioners.

Healthy and comfortable air is good

At present, the biggest problem for ordinary household split air conditioners is the comfort of use. Although all brands have introduced a variety of comfortable wind concepts, we all know that because the air conditioner is turned off and the doors and windows are closed to prevent the air from going out, it will cause various discomforts due to the lack of air after a long time.

Relatively speaking, home central air conditioners are much looser in this respect. Both the elderly and children are not afraid to open central air conditioners for a long time.

High aesthetics and space

For users who do not have enough space in their homes to install ordinary split-unit air conditioners, or whose home decoration styles are not compatible with ordinary household split air conditioners, home central air conditioners can not only save space, but also reduce the conflict between air conditioners and home styles. More beautiful.

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