Tesla electric vehicles will be equipped with 100kWh high-capacity battery life mileage

The battery is the most critical component of an electric car, and the quality and capacity of the battery determine the distance the electric car can travel. At present, Tesla's model can provide a cruising range of 400 kilometers, but it seems that Tesla plans to continue to improve the battery life of the product, and hopes that the driving distance after a charge can be increased to 610 kilometers. The high cruising range coupled with Tesla's increasingly popular charging network, I believe that the future will be able to solve the problem of endurance anxiety of Tesla owners.

Tesla electric car will be equipped with 100kWh high-capacity battery

Currently, European regulators have passed the 100D version of the Model S and Model X, and have also passed the P100D version that was implemented after the upgrade of the previous model. Although Tesla officials have not announced any news, there is now sufficient evidence to show that new products with 100kWh capacity batteries will soon be released.

At present, Tesla has provided users with a variety of different battery capacity versions, and the maximum capacity version currently available for sale is 90D, and the cruising range can reach 400 kilometers. Once the 100D product is launched, the cruising range of Tesla's products will be further increased to 610 kilometers.

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