Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automobiles that can withstand temperatures of 150 ° C

TDK announced on June 4, 2013 that it will start selling the "B41689 series" of aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automobiles that can be used in a 150 ° C temperature environment in Japan. If the product is used in a temperature environment of 125 ° C, it can achieve a life of 10,000 hours. It is suitable for use as an engine control device and in combination with a steering wheel, water pump, wiper and other motors with tens to hundreds of W output power. Smoothing capacitors for inverters.

The new product is characterized by high ripple current resistance and vibration resistance. By reducing the ESR (equivalent series resistance) and suppressing the heat generation of the capacitor itself, the resistance to ripple current is improved. For some applications that require the use of 2 to 3 common aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it may be sufficient to use one of the development products this time.

TDK will sell aluminum electrolytic capacitors for automobiles that can withstand temperatures of 150 ° C in Japan

Some models of products can withstand 40G acceleration. Originally, when installing aluminum electrolytic capacitors in automobiles, it was necessary to use fixing devices or fixing with resin. These steps are not required to adopt this development product.

The B41689 series has products with rated voltages of 25V, 40V and 63V, and electrostatic capacity of 270 to 4500μF. The external dimensions are relatively small, with a diameter of 16 to 21 mm and a height of 25 to 49 mm. The shape is Axial Lead (Axial Lead) instead of Radial Lead. This product has been adopted by many European car manufacturers and is being mass-produced at a scale of 40 million units / year in Brazilian plants.

The development of direct-drive servo motors for steering wheels was mainly targeted at precision agricultural machinery. It can complete agricultural machinery operations, achieve precise positioning, improve agricultural productivity, effectively use agricultural resources, and protect the ecological environment. This is an effective way to achieve high-quality, high-yield, low-consumption, and sustainable environmentally-friendly agriculture. It can achieve fast, efficient, high-precision and automated operations on large areas of arable land. It is mainly used in multiple production links of land production, pesticide sowing, harvesting and spraying, which greatly improves production efficiency and land use.

Motor design characteristics:
adopts direct drive motor design
Waterproof and dustproof design
Integrated design of motor and servo control
Easy and fast installation
The rotor is directly coupled to the load shaft
Control performance characteristics:
AC Servo Solution Design
SVPWM vector control, fast system dynamic response
Dedicated encoder, high control accuracy and good stability
With speed control mode and position control mode

Extremely high running accuracy:
This machine adopts sine wave, vector control and high-precision magnetic encoder, with high control precision, which can ensure that the vehicle can walk within the error range of ± 2cm.
Good control line performance:
The torque of the direct drive servo motor increases in proportion to the input current and does not change with speed and angular position. The relationship between torque and current is linear. Multi-pole structure design, low motor torque ripple coefficient, stable operation, can effectively reduce the "S" curve amplitude when the vehicle is going straight
Powerful acceleration and deceleration capabilities:
The direct drive design of the servo motor enables gearless transmission. The ratio of torque to inertia on the load shaft is much better than gear transmission, which greatly improves the acceleration capability of the system, and greatly improves the ability to go online quickly in applications and the ability to correct errors under high-speed vehicle operation
Not easily deformed
The direct drive motor is mounted directly on the load shaft. No gear gap, no elastic deformation, high transmission efficiency, good rigidity, etc., suitable for steering wheel control characteristics. While ensuring high torque, it is also convenient for human emergency operation
Faster response time
The mechanical constant and electrical time constant of the direct drive servo motor are small, which ensures fast response in applications under a wide range of operating speeds, greatly improving the sensitivity of the system and improving the straight line of operation.

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