TI set off DLP technology innovation boom, multi-touch technology debut

During this week's InfoComm conference, Texas Instruments (TI) DLP announced the introduction of technological innovations that will make the seamless interaction between projection and display a reality. DLP's multi-touch technology prototype debuted, enabling customers to turn any flat surface into a fully interactive touch screen for multiple users.

This new technology combines DLP's 3D compatibility with any format, solid-state lighting, and 1080p high-contrast data projectors, enabling classrooms and meeting rooms to create powerful shared interactive experiences.

Roger Carver, former manager of Texas Instruments ’DLP business unit, said:“ It ’s not enough for consumers to watch content now. They also want to interact with content in a seamless way through technology. The solution we show this week Able to achieve up to 20 touch points on any plane, from a technical point of view, we are fully capable of continuous progress and beyond. "

Between 2010 and 2012, the total global sales of interactive projectors more than tripled, with shipments exceeding 140,000 units. According to the forecast of Futuresource Consulting, the demand for interactive projectors is still rising in 2013. The school is looking for a way to replace the past chalk or whiteboard shared learning experience with technology, which is in line with the market trend of using interactive displays. Through multi-touch technology, DLP has created a platform that enables multiple groups of students to operate simultaneously on a screen large enough to project the entire wall.

Carver added: "DLP is also developing many applications that can extend our interactive capabilities beyond traditional projection devices. We see exciting growth and innovation potential in multiple areas, interactive digital signage and In-vehicle applications are two of these applications. "

Manufacturers such as Hitachi, NEC, Panasonic and Ricoh have added DLP technology to their existing product lines, which can take full advantage of DLP innovations to bring more projection display products to meet the needs of users in the industry.

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