Portable poisonous chemical analyzer becomes popular without poison

The demand for consumer portable chemical analyzers is rapidly increasing. As people pay more and more attention to the environment and food safety, chemical analyzers that can detect toxic gases and compounds have begun to move out of the laboratory, into the mass market, and toward low-power and low-cost portable product design, including measurement Both major instrument manufacturers and analog mixed signal chip vendors have invested heavily in the layout to seize huge consumer application business opportunities.

Ye Yumin, instrument market manager for Asia Pacific in ADI, said that carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, or plasticizers, poisonous starch and other food safety incidents are not uncommon. Consumers have been wary of daily environment and various foods. ; In addition to the hope that relevant products are certified by health and safety organizations, consumers ’awareness of using professional instruments to check whether foods have toxic residues is gradually rising, driving the demand for chemical analyzers to rise, and starting to be small, low power consumption and low cost Advancement of consumer portable design.

Portable poisonous chemical analyzer becomes popular without poison

In fact, chemical analyzers are quite versatile, and can check acid-base values, toxic gases, and compounds. However, they require high performance, high accuracy, low noise, and a wide dynamic range, and must be equipped to meet various measurement needs. Multi-sensors lead to complex analog signal conversion design and high cost, and users are mostly laboratory operators. With environmental and food safety issues rising to the table, coupled with the continuous advancement of semiconductor technology, the product began to move towards the mass market, including public institutions, enterprises, restaurants, and even the needs of home users.

Optimistic about this development trend, including international instrument manufacturers such as Agilent, Thermo Fisher ScienTIfic and Taiwan's measurement industry are all eager to try, and have expanded cooperation with analog chip and sensor factories to develop a new generation of portable chemical analyzers.

Ye Yumin emphasized that the key to building a portable chemical analyzer is to improve the analog front end (AFE) design in order to reduce the system size, power consumption and cost, and ensure that the sensing performance and accuracy meet the standard, so that it can get rid of the bulkiness and the price of tens of thousands. The traditional impression of millions of sky-high prices; therefore, the built-in analog-to-digital converter (ADC), reference voltage source, operational amplifier (OperaTIonal Amplifier) ​​and DC-DC regulator of the new generation products must be imported with precision and high noise resistance And low-power architecture, will attract new business opportunities for related chip vendors, including Texas Instruments (TI), ADI and Linear Technology (Linear Technology) are all striving to attack.

Among them, ADI has provided a complete set of analog front-end circuit design solutions, and worked with sensor manufacturers to lay out reference designs for portable chemical analyzers. Ye Yumin pointed out that the company ’s reference design will effectively lower the technical threshold for the development of portable chemical analyzers, help attract more first- and second-tier instrument manufacturers to invest in development, accelerate the product to reach the sweet spot of market prices, and expand its presence in consumer applications. .

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