Analysis of the application of MEMS sensors in the field of smart devices

Let's take a look at our bracelet products again. If we just mentioned this bracelet product, it just provides a step counting function. There are some with display function that can also give you time, is it possible to have more functions reflected in it. At present, there have been launched ultraviolet sensors, which can detect the intensity of ultraviolet rays, when ultraviolet rays exceed a certain range. It can remind you that you may have to take appropriate protective measures through sound reminders, vibration reminders or changing a color. This experience is very good for everyone.

I have already discussed this with many customers. Everyone agrees with such a function, which is very practical and practical. I believe that similar products will appear on the market in the near future, the sensor has received a lot of information

Let us really experience its benefits immersively.

The big data we are talking about is a very good background support. For example, we heard and heard a lot of information through our facial features. In the process of making fast and correct judgments, our brain is actually understanding and analyzing. This process is a very large data processing.

In the field of electronics, we make an analogy. It is like a software algorithm. If your knowledge and experience are not enough, you may make a wrong judgment. But also if your software algorithm is not good, you may have wrong output. If the reaction speed is slow, then it is necessary to optimize the algorithm or improve your computing power.

The development of sensors is in the process of rapid development, there are several directions. In our opinion, the highest precision. Why high precision? As mentioned earlier, sensors are used to collect this information in the physical world. The concept of high precision You take all these physical information and improve its accuracy from the first moment of perception to improve its accuracy. In this case, after the subsequent analog signal becomes a digital signal, you can have better real-time status and better results when you perform real software algorithm processing.

The second is low power consumption. Many of our sensors are actually in handheld devices today. The handheld devices are powered by batteries. Any savings of 1 mA of power will have a different experience for the performance of the entire product and customer acceptance. Therefore, low power consumption is an inevitable requirement for the further optimization of sensors.

Of course, there are still some sensors that are not used in consumer products. The reason is that its power consumption is still relatively large

It is used in some industrial products or aerospace products in traditional industries. Another is the small size and integration, we can see that such a thing leaves very limited space for electronic products.

We must provide miniaturized instruments and highly integrated devices as much as possible. That way, in the process of end product design, there is more room for aesthetic design or process design. We also need to collect more information, plus data fusion between different information. Then we have endless space to improve our user experience and applications. User experience and applications are very important for us to strengthen the bonding of customers. There is a saying that Qiao Fu is difficult to cook without rice, then our sensor is like collecting enough information to provide an infinite number of rice. Then our smart woman can use these resources to develop various intelligent applications and intelligent products. Finally, I believe that there will be more and more sensors used in our smart products.

The IoT world we talk about today is a very large space, in which smart cars, smart homes, and smart cities. There are very, very many nodes, and each node has sensors in it as a basic element of information collection.

In addition to the motion sensors and environmental sensors just mentioned, there are actually more novel sensors. From traditional industries to consumer products, from modularization to a single semiconductor component, the size is reduced, the accuracy is improved, and the performance is improved. These are an inevitable trend promoted by the semiconductor industry. It will also enrich our demand for components in the Internet of Things and even in smart product terminals.

In addition, more companies are also investing in the development process of software algorithms, and many network companies have also invested in such a large industry for some big data processing. I believe sensors can make our lives more comfortable and exciting.

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