Solid State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Roadmap

Solid State Lighting Manufacturing R&D Roadmap

Recently, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) announced the 2014 R&D road map for solid-state lighting (SSL) manufacturing.

This roadmap is used to supplement the Solid State Lighting Research and Development Program (MYPP), to guide core product R&D projects, and to raise funds for manufacturing R&D projects. The roadmap also mentions providing assistance to equipment and materials suppliers that meet the expected development of SSL manufacturing, thereby reducing risks, improving quality, increasing production, and reducing costs.

The roadmap is updated once a year, and the 2014 roadmap still follows the 2013 version of the model. Among them, the discussion of LED cost drivers continues to deepen, the OLED production cost model is also included in the discussion, and new topics related to OLED panel manufacturing have been added.

In addition, the panel of experts identified the priorities of the LED and OLED industries. The three priority tasks of the LED industry include support for flexible production of the most advanced LED modules, light engines and luminaires; the development of standardized testing procedures and reasonable indicators of high-speed, high-resolution, non-destructive testing equipment; improve the phosphor used in SSL production.

The three priority tasks of the OLED industry include support for the development of high-speed, low-cost, uniformly deposited OLED manufacturing equipment; advanced manufacturing development of low-cost integrated substrates or packaging materials; and development of practical OLED panel production processes.

The DOE will continue to update its R&D roadmap every year to incorporate the latest market analysis, market development progress and priorities.

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