Principles of indoor lighting three: control type of home lighting

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Achieve economic and artistic
Lighting control brings us a flexible lighting layout, and also brings us a variety of decorative lighting effects. Now with a finger movement, wow, dimming system can bring us:
1: Reduce the lighting level to save energy and spread the life of the bulb;
2: Enrich the atmosphere of the room (affecting people's psychological activities);
3: Change the light intensity to adapt to various activities, to achieve a variety of scenes in a room.
In addition to the arrangement of the luminaires in our design, it is also inseparable from the control of the lighting. Lighting control should be an inseparable part of the lighting design of each space.
Lighting control type
1. Integrated dimming system: allows us to change a variety of scenes in one room. Just open the electrical box on a wall
Integrated dimming system
2. Push-button dimming control: Adjust the brightness of the illumination by pressing. Some of these high-end controls also have indicator lights to illuminate the intensity values ​​to achieve illumination visualization.
Push-button dimming control
3. Skate Dimmer: Provides a full set of manual dimming controls. Some controllers can also use the one-button method to restore the previous lighting level. As in the above, it can also be used with the indicator light to illuminate in the dark. Tell us where they are, come press
Slider dimmer
4. Rotary dimmer: Provides a full range of manual dimming control. It also has a lighting control memory function. The rotation control is used to manually control the lighting. This is the way the fans in our home use this method.
Rotary dimmer
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