More protection than protection chips - BYD multi-section protection IC

In the increasingly competitive battery protection chip market, BYD has been committed to improving the protection function of lithium-ion battery protection as an old-fashioned battery company. Recently, based on the previous generation multi-section protection chip, the multi-section protection IC with high cost performance and distinctive features--BM3451/BM3452 has been introduced, and it is widely used in the fields of power tools, electric bicycles, vacuum cleaners, UPS backup power supplies, etc. The monopoly of Japanese and American products to protect the IC market.

Compared with the mainstream mainstream protection chips in the market, BYD BM3451/BM3452 not only has the basic functions of overcharge protection, over discharge protection, charging overcurrent protection, discharge overcurrent protection and short circuit protection, but also has over temperature protection, battery capacity balance and break. Line protection, external independent control, cascade application and other functions protect the battery in all aspects, making the battery more secure and reliable in application and prolonging battery life.

In addition, the BM3451/BM3452 chip has the following features:

1. Pure hardware protection scheme, real-time sampling mode, ultra-low power consumption and high precision.

2. Single chip support 3/4/5 section application optional.

3. The overcharge threshold is adjustable in the range of 3.6V~4.6V, and the 3-stage discharge overcurrent protection.

4. Protection delay The external capacitor is adjustable, and different protection delays can be selected according to different needs.

5. Balanced signals can be cascaded between adjacent chips when multi-chip serial applications are used.

6. The chip is designed to be easy to implement multi-chip cascading and protect more than 6 batteries.

In order to reduce the difference in capacity of the battery during the application process and prolong the service life of the battery pack, BYD has designed a unique balancing method for the BM3451 product: when the cell voltage is lower than or higher than the balanced starting threshold voltage VBAL, The balanced discharge circuit will not turn on, otherwise, the cells above the balance threshold will be balanced.

The unique balance mode effect is not only reflected in the use of a single chip, after the multi-chip cascade is used, the balance state of each chip can be transmitted to each other.

As a whole, the whole battery pack is connected to the charger for a long time. After the battery is charged to overcharge protection, the balance will continue to function. After one charge is full, the voltage of the cell is between the overcharge threshold and the balance threshold, and the maximum voltage difference of each cell Only 60mV.

During the user's long-term use, after a number of charge and discharge cycles, each charge and discharge cycle balance carries a part of the energy, the voltage difference of each cell is getting smaller and smaller, and finally reaches the same level. After filling, it is close to the overcharge threshold and balance. The effect is more obvious!

BYD BM3451 single chip can easily realize 3, 4 and 5 battery protection options. At the same time, multiple chips can be used in series to easily realize protection of any battery pack of more than 6 sections. The modular design of the chip is simple and flexible. High sex, very attractive!

With perfect functions, high cost performance, stable quality, combined with more than 10 years of battery protection industry technical experience and comprehensive after-sales technical support, BYD BM3451/BM3452 has won recognition and mass production in the multi-cell battery protection market. Use, product advantages gradually reflect, many customers recommend each other. At the same time, BYD will continue to work on the development of more excellent battery protection chips to meet the needs of more and more customers. (This article is a BYD submission)

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