Basic requirements for ITO replacement materials

According to NPD DisplaySearch observations, as the rumored Apple iWatch products are approaching, the topic of ITO replacement materials has also become hot again, becoming the focus of the industry recently; in fact, in terms of the current touch market structure, ITO replacement materials The demand for the industry is not yet strong. The growth momentum of the industry comes from the active layout of the relevant players. Only after the relevant niche market opens in the future will the relevant input of ITO substitute materials show value.

NPD DisplaySearch stated that ITO replacement materials have the following basic requirements:

Conductive properties and light transmission properties-as replacement products, ITO replacement materials first need to meet the characteristics of ITO itself, that is, good conductive properties and light transmission properties; as touch sensing circuits, the conductive properties of new materials will directly affect As for the touch response time and the sensitivity of touch detection, generally speaking, for products with a size of 10 inches and above, the surface resistance of the touch sensing circuit must be kept below 150 (Ω / sq). As far as the current mainstream projected capacitive touch technology is concerned, the touch circuit is usually on the top of the display screen, so the new material will be required to maintain good light transmission performance to ensure the display quality of the display. Under normal circumstances, at least Guarantee 80 ~ 85% light transmittance.

Non-rareness-As a mainstream transparent conductor, ITO is widely used in display panels, touch panels and other related fields. Although indium is a rare metal, the current situation of rare earth supply will not face shortages. DisplaySearch pointed out that taking July as an example, the price of rare metal indium is 4,970 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of metal silver (4,295 yuan). However, the current global supply of rare earths mainly comes from China. Although the WTO has ruled that China's export quota control is illegal, it can be expected that the Chinese government will inevitably further strengthen the integration and control of the development of rare earth resources in the future. Therefore, although the rare properties of metal indium are not the real factors driving new materials, new materials with non-rare resources can still improve the convenience of collecting raw materials in the future industrialization process.

Flexibility-With the launch of the RMB 79 yuan Xiaomi bracelet and the much-anticipated Apple iWatch product coming soon, the wearable device market has once again become the focus of market attention and is regarded as an important application for future flexible display devices market. Due to the inherent brittleness of the ITO circuit, the resistance value will rise sharply after several bends or large bends, resulting in the failure of the touch function. The flexibility of the new material will make it show its unique advantages in the field of soft display in the future.

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