Four influences of LED display strips on full-color LED display

The quality of the full-color LED display is directly determined by the quality of the LED lamp beads. In addition, the quality of the full-color LED display depends on the quality of the display's light strip.

Only by ensuring the quality of the full-color LED display light strip can the quality of the entire full-color LED display be guaranteed, and of course, the service life of the full-color LED display will naturally be extended.

Leiling full-color LED display display technicians are here to introduce you to several important factors that affect the LED display light strip.

1. Full-color LED display light strip is generally powered by constant voltage power supply.

If the output of the power supply is unstable, or there is no effective protection measures, it will output unstable voltage and current when the voltage of the external network fluctuates, resulting in the LED strip working at a non-standard voltage and affecting the full-color LED display. The service life of the light strip will directly affect the normal use of the full-color LED display.

2. Because the LED lamp belt uses constant current components, the constant current effect of the LED lamp belt produced by different manufacturers is different, and of course the life is different.

3. The poor toughness of the copper wire or flexible circuit board of the full-color LED display light belt will cause the LED light belt to break when it is bent, and this time will also affect the life of the LED light belt.

4. LED is a static sensitive component. If you do not take anti-static measures when repairing the LED strip, it will burn the LED and cause waste.

If you can't solve the problem when repairing the full-color LED display strip, you can directly find a professional full-color LED display technician for timely repair and maintenance to extend the service life of the LED strip.

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