Jingke Electronics Capital Increase Successful Park Expansion is about to begin

Recently, Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jingke Electronics”) has recently completed the joint large-scale capital increase of shareholders and government funds with the unanimous support of the board of directors and founding shareholders. Investors from the company's original shareholders, Giant Power Ltd, Taiwan's Jingyuan Optoelectronics, and China Nansha (member of the Huo Yingdong Fund Group), jointly invested with Guangdong Yueke Financial Investment Fund to jointly increase Jingke Electronics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., making Jingke's total investment capital Expanded to $70 million. The investment will focus on the construction of LED industry bases and the development of series products supported by LED flip-chip technology.

Jingke Electronics is a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Taiwan joint venture invested by Hong Kong Microcrystalline Advanced Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and its mainland investment partners. In November 2011, the first phase of Jingke Nansha LED Industrial Base was completed and put into use, with a production plant and R&D base of 35,000 square meters. At present, Jingke Electronics is the only large-scale manufacturing enterprise in mainland China that can realize high-power flip chip, integrated chip, and chip-level light source, module light source and optical component light engine.

Since its establishment, Jingke Electronics has adhered to the independent research and development innovation route and has outstanding core technology advantages. At present, it has nearly 100 core technology patents approved by new or preliminary examination. With its strong product development and technological innovation strength, Jingke has undertaken a large number of scientific research projects, obtained a number of national and provincial scientific research achievements, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known institutions such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In the development process of combining production, learning and research, in the development process of independent research and development and technology introduction, the main products of Jingke Electronics have always kept pace with the development of international advanced technology.

Dr. Xiao Guowei, President of Jingke Electronics, said that the company will further expand its production scale in the near future and start the construction of Jingke Group Industrial Park, aiming at improving product and technology development capabilities, and fully exploiting high-end LED chip-level light sources and modules with differentiated competitive advantages. The market for light source and light component light engines.

In the middle and upper reaches of the LED field, Jingke will continue to make efforts to develop the second component of the optical component level in addition to the continuous level of LED lighting standard optical components. It will take the lead in the direction of LED indoor lighting standardization and establish LEDs for lighting. Device light source and light component light engine brand. Jingke Electronics will continue to actively serve LED lighting companies, and seek to establish long-term strategic partnerships, and gradually develop into a leading enterprise in China's LED devices.

(This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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