Gome Release: Packages and Appliances Bundled

Gome Release: Packages and Appliances Bundled

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When Gome is released, which has increased the bargaining power for its transformation? Since last year, Gome has been working with omni-channel retailers. Although there is little on-line and off-line integration, gross profit and sales revenue have increased slightly, and sales of electrical appliances have increased slightly. Occupy the big head. Therefore, the task of its communication business is also clear: bundled appliance sales, and drainage for retail services.

Or how many users did they buy without a package model? Two years ago, Gome and China Telecom had attempted a resale business. Perhaps it was a coincidence that two years later (at the end of January), Gome had obtained a virtual operator license. In March, the team was established and the business name was determined to be “extremely trustworthy”; the business hall under the line was completed in April; the self-built billing customer service system was docked with China Unicom in May.

At present, according to the person in charge of Gome Group, it has passed all 88 scenarios of access testing for China Unicom. The billing and support system has been set up; for telecom, it has also entered the final testing phase and is expected to be completed this week.

The sign will be issued soon, but the specific package has not yet been confirmed. "Packages will be the main voice, traffic balance, different from the basic operator." Responsible person said, may insist on "no package product", allowing users to use how much, how much money.

In the earlier period, Gome conducted surveys and research on the users who visited the store. "The main problem is the ratio between voice and traffic, and a detailed analysis of the subsidy and service methods." According to the person in charge, the initial batch of users will be obtained through physical stores, online business offices, and Gome Online sales.

Bundled appliance sales attract non-Guangdong US users. "The company's resale business will bring profit to the company in the medium and long term, but it is only one of its goals. The most important thing is through cross-selling in existing businesses. Gome may make a fuss about the package tariff and will develop." The user is bundled with the appliance sales to drain the country.

"In terms of marketing and publicity, we will conduct online and offline user interactions. In the area of ​​user management, we will integrate resale business with main business members to carry out measures such as resource sharing and point sharing to enhance user experience and user stickiness." Gome's logic is to attract more non-German users to use its communications products through virtual operations to bring more customers to stores.

Why is it important to bundle electrical appliances? This is the top priority of Gome Group. According to its financial report in 2013, video, air conditioning, ice washing, communications, computers and other electrical categories, sales accounted for more than 95% of total income.

Although Gome committed to omni-channel retailers since last year, its online and offline integration efforts are still shallow. In the past year, Gome’s integrated measures include: taking delivery of goods online and offline, integrating logistics resource sharing, sharing online and offline membership points, etc. However, no substantive steps have been taken regarding key links such as the same price, the same category, and the same supply chain. .

In view of the above background, Gome's “trust” has led to a more unified mission for the main business.

Whether to hit a free banner?

It will be an endless topic to adjust tariffs and diversions in a timely manner. Pure telecom operators are not very good. "Virtual operators are charged with greater operating costs, such as system leases, margins, leased line costs, and access to customer numbers."

In terms of mode, the basic operator's business model for virtual operators is also different. They can be packaged in batches, and can also be accounted for in terms of voice, text messages, and flow meters. The person in charge of Gome Group stated that in view of the constraints of the operator's wholesale model and system support conditions, product design is also limited, and there is only greater autonomy in pricing, brand positioning, marketing, and channel marketing.

At present, many virtual operators use strategic subsidies to attract the first batch of users under the banner of “free”.

"Whether it is free and what services are free depends on the marketing objectives and business development plans of each virtual operator." The person in charge of the Gome Group stated that "We will decide on the basis of the established goals of the market and user feedback. We will positively pull and increase the number of users who visit our stores. We will also adjust the tariff model."

Dialogue profit is not important Cross-selling is the core Q: Please use one sentence to tell the user a reason to use Gome.

A: Gome is a service provider that provides mobile life, and will bring more value-added services to users beyond communication.

Q: How to attract the first "seed users"?

A: Initially through the transformation of existing stores and sales in the palm, online business offices and Gome Online to ensure that the offline line to promote the joint.

Q: Can the virtual operator's business become Gomi's profitable business?

A: One of the goals of Gome's participation in the resale business is to provide resellers with profitability for the company in the medium and long term. What's more important is to use it to cross-sell existing businesses.

Q: What is the strategic position of the virtual operator business for Gome?

A: Utilizing the characteristics of the industry, taking advantage of the synergy of the industrial ecosystem, and establishing a virtual operator industry value chain centered on Gome.

Q: How do you view the competition with the basic operator?

A: Now that the cake is divided, there must be contradictions. We will avoid direct competition with the three major operators, provide differentiated services to our customers, and through the intensive cultivation of our own businesses, we will be able to increase the asset utilization rate of the basic operators' own basic networks and make the cake larger.


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