Tips for improving home audio without upgrading your device

Our ongoing survey of "Changes in Home Audio in 2014" has yielded extremely valuable research results that have helped those who want to value their own audio. Now that legitimate digital music services are starting to pop, music fans no longer have to endure the poorly encoded MP3 audio downloaded from the Napster website - so we should show our deserved respect for our music. Whether we are willing to pay for new playback hardware or not.

The most important thing to improve your sound is to optimize its acoustic propagation mechanism - mainly your headphones or speakers. Paying more for either of them is more valuable than what you thought, because there is nothing else that will make you feel better than the audio signal that interlaces 0 and 1 as much as possible in the air. I heard high quality music (exciting, healing, urging, psychedelic, empathetic, sad, joyful, and any music that can bring us the role and feeling).

We consulted the famous audio enthusiast, Ethan Winer, author of The Audio Expert, to share some suggestions on how to better improve the quality of home audio . His suggestion is that the method of upgrading has nothing to do with audio equipment:

“The only best way to improve the clarity of the sound is to optimize the acoustics of the room,” says Winer. “Even if you only place a 2ft x 4ft sound-absorbing panel at a critical position on each wall, you can dramatically improve your music. Clarity. Most ordinary people don't have this awareness. They don't think they want to put sound-absorbing panels in their living room or bedroom. But this is correct. Professional audio enthusiasts and home theater owners attach great importance to the room. Acoustic construction, some people will take more optimization measures."

He went on to talk about how to ensure the clarity of the sound image. The simplified image below shows what happens when you listen to two speakers in the room: (Image courtesy of Acoustic Fields)

According to some experts' estimates, only one in ten sounds will reach your ears directly. Most of the rest of the sound will be reflected in the walls, floors and ceilings and finally into your ears. The picture above is abbreviated with a lot of details, but it depicts the most important sound reflection points, and it is also the most critical part, because they sound the loudest.

Sound takes time - a lot of time, compared to light - to spread through the air. When your favorite music is played, some of the sound will be transmitted directly to your ear, and the other part will be reflected through the wall, forming different versions of the sound to reach your ears at different times. There is a word that can describe this situation: "turbidity." No matter how good your sound is, if your music is reflected after many times of reflection, it will not sound clear.

Sound experts like Winer are much more serious about optimizing sound effects than ordinary or even high-end fans (willing and unwilling to spend money). Ordinary people don't like to tangled on the issue of music reverberation, and probably don't want to invest in the filling foam on the wall. In summary, Winer suggested that people who want a better sound experience can consider adding a relatively small sound-absorbing object in the room (he refers to professional products, of course, you can use tapestry, easy chair, etc. Some sounds reflect something).

In order to find the right location, refer to the place where you place the speakers and where you usually listen to music. The sound reflection is a bit like light, so imagine if you have a mirror on the wall, where you will see your speakers, then put the sound-absorbing device there, or where you can hear the music.

It may not be fun to get the job done, and it doesn't matter if you buy cool new devices, but if your sound quality is good, this is the best way to get better sound in your room.

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